Get Involved:

There are almost unlimited ways to get involved for Christ. We have listed a few we are personally familiar with and will add to the list over time. We do encourage everyone to become involved in something for Christ and witness the benefits of service in your own life. However, we also encourage you to be careful about your choices as not all “Christian” programs have Christ in them. While there are many good programs in the world we have chosen to list those when Christ receives the glory.

1. You can sponsor a billboard in your area. Please contact us if you are interested by using the CONTACT US button.
2. You can contribute to partial support of a billboard. All contributions are 100% applied to the set-up and rental of signs. You can contribute through Dwalla or mail a contribution directly.
3. You can contribute a billboard and/or the sign. Some people are lucky enough to have signs on their property which can be used. Please contact us.

New River Ranch –
Smoky Mountain Children’s Home –
Methodist Children Homes –
Fellowship of Christian Athletes –

Society of St. Andrew -

The Gideons International, There are also many local Gideon camps -

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